How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet Pills!

Until now I have always considered as a “big girl”. In January 2014, I weighed 180 pounds (about 82 kilograms), which is too fat for ladies as tall as me. In the past I was not as fat as this. In my teen years, my weight is only 140 pounds and I feel much happier and healthier.

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I tried desperately for years to come back to this weight. But with busy work and stress, seem to have no impact for me. I tried everything from diet pills to exercise machines that I see advertised on TV. I even tried a crazy diet like green tea and acai berry diet diet. It did not give the results to me. I’m still overweight and consider myself a ‘fat’.

But that all changed in March 2014. Surprisingly I lost 23 pounds in just 21 days using an extreme diet that I found online called The 3 Week Diet. I try this diet after I read a news article about the famous Victoria’s Secret models that use the exact same diet to eliminate fat in preparation for a photo shoot. I figured if it worked for him, should not work well for me?

I immediately began to search in Google and managed to find the official website three weeks Diet. There, I watched a video with a professional nutritionist who reveals step-by-step what it takes to lose weight quickly. I was surprised, because no one ever told me this information earlier! I have visited doctors, personal trainers and dieticians for years, no one ever says this diet secrets to me!

The next day I started the program. At first I thought it would be very difficult and that I would have to starve yourself to see progress. But it is wrong! I pretty much eat whatever I ate earlier, but I made sure to eat at a certain time when my metabolism burning a thousand times faster than usual.

I also made sure to include foods fat burning secrets contained in the 3-week diet at every meal. This combination makes the fat is completely melted right off my body! How do I know how many times my metabolism to burn fat and what foods are included in my diet? Well, Brian from 3 weeks Diet has arranged everything for me as soon as I joined this website. Nothing is easier!

On the first day alone, I lost 2 lbs (approximately 1 kilogram). The next day, I lost more than 3 lbs! At the end of the first week I had lost about 10 lbs (4.5 kg)! It was much more than I anticipated. I thought I would lose about 5 lbs max! But it turned out to be 10 lbs in just 7 days! It was life changing! I continue to follow the diet up to 21 days, and at the end of my diet has destroyed 30 lbs from 100% pure body fat!

My dream has come true! I am now closer to my ideal weight than ever! I feel sexier, leaner, and healthier! my belly fat has shrunk, strengthened my ass, my thighs tight, and I no longer round cheeks and chubby! Some people hardly recognize me! I love my new body and it’s all 100% thanks to the 3-week diet. It changed my life!

I continue to do three weeks of diet and fat is reduced! I’m aiming to get down to 140 lbs and I’m probably going to reach there in less than two weeks! This diet has become one of the best experiences of my entire life. I do not have to starve yourself, I do not have to take pills unhealthy diet, I do not have to train my ass in the gym, and I do not have to eat bland boring food! 3 Week Diet is really the only solution out there today if you are looking for a system that shows you how to lose weight quickly. It worked for me, and I know it will work for you too.

For more info about 3 weeks diet visit the Offficial Website here  Greetings from me, Lynda

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