Q – Is the 2-Day Diet just “yo-yo” dieting?
A – NO – Unlike one of the more conventional diets where, you end up dipping in and out of it (sometimes dieting and other times not), with the 2-day diet you will be altering your lifestyle to a two-day restriction every week whilst maintaining a healthy diet in-between, therefore, not causing a feeling of deprivation which is one of the main causes for people to relapse.

Q – ‘Why two days?’
A – Two days is enough to reduce your overall calorie intake and retrain your eating habits. Research has also shown for this to have beneficial effects on the metabolism along with reducing the risk of disease. Remember that due to it only being two days per week, its more achievable!

Q – ‘Do I have to diet for two consecutive days?’
A – Two separate days are fine for weight loss, although you may find doing the two consecutive days easier as you will be in the habit of eating less and could even have additional health benefits due to providing a prolonged period when the body is in a healthier metabolic state.

Q – I am worried that I will binge on the five unrestricted days?
A – Through our conducted research, dieters were pleasantly surprised that they were not tempted to binge on their unrestricted days. One of the key factors to the diet was that our volunteers were astounded at how they felt that it appeared that their appetite had been reset and their eating behaviour had been retrained throughout the whole week.